• Connecting the music industry!



    We introduce and accelerate a seamless rights licensing and settlement platform

    with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry as the launching party


  • WHAT?!

  • WHY?

    Music connects,

    and we all know that music is one of our most important ways of expression.


    There is magic created when artists come together
    and share their voice and talent to create something that moves others.


    Sometimes it is just in a living room, and sometimes it moves the whole world!

    We believe that artist are at the center of the music industry.


    But artists are not the only ones that bring these creations to the light.
    This is a network of people in varying roles.

    From publisher to music streaming site or distributor,

    they all have an important role in this ecosystem of music creation.


    We believe all of them co-create the value of the track.


    Settled envisions to create the platform where all relevant parties in the music industry can connect, communicate, co-create and improve business models together.


    We believe we will bridge the gaps of trust which prevent some of them to play their part to the fullest of their potential.

    Because who hasn’t heard of the starving artist who created fantastic music,

    listened to by millions, but still flips burgers to make ends meet!

    We overlook the label executive who hustles to provide his artist with his next gig

    but is only perceived as the guy who takes all the money.

    How about the music streaming services that are accused of not paying the correct royalties and are sued for billions after doing everything
    in their power to optimize their systems.



    What if we fix this problem?

    What if we tell you that the future is already here, it is just not very well distributed!
    Imagine a whole set of innovations that interconnects the industry.


    Now imagine Settled!


  • HOW?

    By registration and management of intellectual property in the music world, Blockchain solutions can serve as a third, independent party that makes the payment process faster, more efficient and cheaper.


    The result: reliable authentication of music and a fairer distribution of duties and fees to ensure that all of the artists’ rights are being correctly monetised. The possibilities go further than cutting out the so called “intermediaries”. In the music industry they often go beyond the role of being just “Middle man”.


    The record companies, labels and copyright societies are often perceived as the bad guys also know as a problem that has to be fixed. This overlooks their role as representers / negotiators / initiators / investors and business builders for artist.


    The Settled Blockchain track centric solution has the possibility to repurpose their roles to become more transparently efficient in their roles and also be a more visible part of the succes story of the artists.





    The Settled platform acts as a rails between the different actors in the industry, thereby connecting them without having to deal with the political minefields, where every organization has different opinions and USP’s at stake.


    The EDM DJ’s are the perfect ambassadors to enable change in the way the music industry conduct copyrights settlement for both established and upcoming artist.


    In contrast to most other multi million dollar artists, most DJ’s own all their own rights, are in control of their own copyright contracts and can decide their own business strategy.


    These DJ’s have the capability to show the music industry worldwide how new technologies can build the solutions of the future today.


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